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halfe a pound of Raysins of the Sun Ston'd, Brook=
lime, Water Cresses, 2 handfulls of each, if you hang
these in a Bagg: put a Gad of Steele in it. The firr
must be broke in peices, & the roots Slitt when you put them
in to boyle; after 4 or 5 days drink it for your
constant drink.

To make Pomatum

Take a Mutton kell, and put it hott as it com's out of the Sheep
into a paile of water for two howers, then piele of the out=
ward Skin, and put the Suit into water againe for ten dayes
Shifting it Morning and Evening into fresh water then
then put it into Milk for 3 dayes Shifting twice a day, then rubb it dry
take it out and rubb it in a Napkin dry and put it into an
earthen pipkin with two or three white Lily rootes, and one
March-Mallow roote Scraped, & cut into Small pieces, and a Shilling
worth of the 4 Cold Seeds husk'd with a Small bit of white Suggar
Candy; stirr all these together. then put the Pipkin that noe
ayre comes in; and Sett it into a kettle of water, which must
boyle Softly for 4 or 5 howers: then take it out and Straine
it into an Earthen Basin; and put into it whilst it is hott
one ounce of Sparma-Cæti, beating it continually for two
howers together with a hott hand; then drop it on paper
in little lumps and keep it as long as you will; Soe you
doe not put it too close together. &c


Docter Jacob of Canterbury medicene for the Stone

15 granes of goats blood in powder dranke
euery morning in asses milke, or other milke

115 Doctor Jacob's receipt for giddiness
in the head

The single male piony root in powder=peacocks
dung in powder and nutmegg half an ounce
of each take evry night and morning asmuch
as will lye upon a six pence in four Spoon =
fulls of black Cherry-water.

116 Dr king's receipt for the griping
of the gutts

Take a penny loaf, and slitt it, and toast it,
and spread it over with venice treakle; and
dip it in sack boyled with cloves, cinnamon,
and nutmegg; tye it up in a cloath, and lay
it hot to the navel.

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