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London December 31: 1692

yesterday we received 2 fforreign
Mails which bring the following Novells
Coblentz 28th Instant the enemy
hath so pusht on their Attacks at Rhinfelden
as to haue ruined the 2 Bastions and yesterday
Morning they made a Generall Assault on the
[Camterscarp] with 3000 men Supported by
as many and Carryed the same but the
beseiged before they could Lodge Themselves
thereon drove them out of it with 1000
killed and as many wounded with the
Loss of 300 on our side
The confederate fforces haue
passed the Rhine and are marching towards
the enemy whereby our next may give an
account of raising the seige or a Bloody
Hague the ffirst of Ianuary ~
the States haue received an Express that
the ffrench 2 dayes besieged Huy with
18000 men but Shamefully drew off
upon our fforces drawing towards them
and have Lost 1200 in the Enterprise
Since which the ffrench haue besieged
ffurnes but the Heer Overkirk is
Marching with the Horse and the Earl
of Achlone with the Foot to prevent
their design
One Captain Newland who had
been taken and Carryed into Brest and
Lately came Thence and St Maloes

{Except the Commissioners which they do on Munday, They haue fflung out the Oath
to the Assessor and instead thereof laid a penalty of 10li = The House of Lords deferred
the Affair of the Duke of Norfolk till Munday and haue been all this day upon
the Bill from the Commons about disabling Members to sitt in Parliament
that shall accept of an Employ at Court and It was believed}

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