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The number of plants and trees which would
thrive in the mild climate of Charlestown, is
very great, and it will be an easy thing for
you to make a selection of them from the
botanic works; but those that occur to me
as more likely to be had, and easily introdu=
ced are the following

1 The Cork tree — from Portugal where it
is called Sovereyra

2 The Quercus ballota — from the same coun=
try where the tree is called Azinheira, and
the acorn Bellota doce. This fruit is four
times as big as that of the Live oak, and of a
taste between the almond and the chestnut.

3 The Pinus pinea — This tree grows in the
form of an umbrella, the almonds are large
and very sweet, and among the Italians one
of their esteemed sweet meats called Piganocata
Brotero in the Flora Lusitanica marks two
varieties, the almond of one of them has a soft
shell, this is to be preferred, and to be had
from Portugal.

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