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American Poison

Rx. Rad. Plantag. wild Horehound Fresh or Dried oz. iij. Aq. Font.
Qts ij. Boil to 1 Qt. Colat. Let the pat. take 1/3 of this 3 Mornings
going Fasting If this helps the patient let it be repeated
The Patient must eat no Butter nor Oily Food and must live on
a low Diet.
Rx. Golden Rod M ij. horehound Sassafras aa q. s. Aq. Font. Qts. ij.
Coq. to Qt j. Colat. add Spts Sacch. Spum. 1 Glass, dulcify cum
Sacch. This is for Common Drink.
Rx. Wood Ashes Pt j. aq. Font. Pt iij. Let these stand all
Night then strain & give oz. 10 at a Time 6 Mornings
going. This is to be given if ye patient has an
Inward Fever.

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