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Consumption from the Hypocondria & Hystericks

A Consumption proceeding from Hypocondriac and Hysteric
Affections is distinguished from others by an Oppression of the
Breast, by unusual Sadness or Melancholly, by frequent
Hysteric Fitts, Faintings and other Nervous Symptoms.

Besides the General Methods of Cure, Antihesterics
must be given, Such as Spts. C. C. Spts. Sal. ammoniae
Tinct. Cast. and especially Chalybeated Mineral Waters for
without Chalybeats all other Medicines are Vain but they
must be given before not after an Ulur in the Lungs
appears. A Milk Diet and purging are very improper
unless the latter is exceeding Mild. Gentle Emetics proportionable
to the Patients Strength, relieve to a [Misicle?] in the beginning
of the Disease

Opiates are necessary to appease the Spasms of the Stomach
Intestines, and other Parts und to procure Sleep.

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