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Hernia Humoralis
or Swellings of the Testicles in Ven. disease

Bleed frequently und let the Regimen
be of an antiphlogistic Nature
Foment the Parts with a Decoct. Rad.
althe. Sem. Lin. or warm Milk &c

When the Inflamation is over exhibit
a gentle purge
Externally apply Merc. Ung. et Cataplasms
Internally give Antivenerals

Herpes Milliaris & excedens

These Pustules Resemble Millet Seed
they affect the Legs, Hands, thighs
Scrotum and Perineum On which
arise itching Pustules without Moisture
which fall off in scales but Return again
This sometimes effects the Head and
appears like Scurf on Old persons
Cure Let the pat. drink no malt liquor
But a Decoct of China Sarsaparill
Sharp pointed Dock, Vipers grass,
Succory, Liquorice, and Polypodium
Cort. Sassafras. Eleutheria and
Mistleto the [sheving?] of Sassafras
and red Saunders some of these
may be used to advantage
To Qt j. Aq. Font. add an oz. j of each
Ingredient which you use
Keep the prime Vie clean. with
Laxatives such as Rhei Mane Cream
Tart. Neut. Salts &c
in Obstinate Cases give Merc. dulc.
Antim. Crude cum decoct guaic. Sarsap.

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