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Give no heating things excepting
Phlebotomy Rest. Anodynes
Nitrious preparations antiepileptics
Cold water. and Whey are
When the patient is in a fit
apply to the Nose fetid
things. as asafetid, Castor,
Burnt Partridges feathers
For women in Child Bed apply
a Girdle of Russia Leather
and give Enemas of the
Roots and Seeds of Lavage
with Flor. Cham. Samb.
Female [?] &c
To the Umbillica apply a Pl.
of Opoponax Bedellium. Galb.
Asa fetid. m. Inwardly Tinct.
Cast gut. 30 - 40 in aq. Font. out of the
fit Rx. Rad. Val. pulv. s. ij. Cinab. nat.
s. j. m. f. pulv. in Mane et Vesper


Water Gruel with wine
& Whey, Mediated Broths,
Brisk exercise & Moderate
Sleep are proper
Rx Pulv Ipec. Tart. Emet in
a draught of Generous Wine
or Infusion of Manna drinking
Water Gruel after it
after the Opperation give ye following
Sal. diuret. Gr. v. - s. j also
Sapo Cast. oz. iij. Rhei pulv.
Spec. [??] aa oz. ss Syr
Cort. Aurant. q. s. m. f. Elect
take dr. ss - dr. j. twice in die
Ethiops [min?] is good in a
stuborn Jaundice
Tinct. Saccra. Sapo. alba
Express. Hoglice Squill
Pills, Bolus of Rhei cum
Mercury. See Hydrops

Jaw Locked

Bleed in plethoric Constitutions
give Broths & Barley Waters
Inject Enemas cum Rad
Val. Sylv. & Tinct. Thebaic.
The Cure depends Cheifly upon
Opii gr. ij. Camph. Musk.

Sperm Cit. Sal. C. C. Elix.
Parigoric. M. Give this
internally and exhibit it
pro re nata
also Opii gr ij. once in two

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