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fleet of about 10 or a dozen sail
yt had been standing off & on for
some days. They durst not put
into {the} harbor. Our pl drove
off all {the} ships of war {the} 14 of {this}
month & as none wr left to guard
{the} harbor or {the} coast we took a
number of transports {with} highland
troops aboard. We wr {wishing} {the}
whole of {the} fleet wd come in as
w supposed and w wr suf-
ficiently manned & fortified for ym:
but ya disappointed & after about a
week put off. ------------------- We viewed
fort-hill &c ---- In {the} afternoon I
went up to Cambridge among college
acquaintances, for ya had lately moved
down from Concord.
June 26. Wednesday.
Dined at Little Cambride & went up
to Watertown. Stayed {with} my father
a little while & went up to see
Our Biglow at Westown. We had
considerable chat upon Haverhill af-
fairs &c ------------- Lodged {with} him.
June 27. Thursday.
Attended lecture at Boston. Dr Ma-
ther preached. Spent {the} afternoon at

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