(seq. 11)




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if he desired it, as he had been long
wishing to go. Concluded to go on
Wednesday. Heard that Captain Dean
had taken two prizes. Heard [?] very
good singing at the Seminary.
July 9. Tuesday.
Things seemed to move nearly in
their old [manner?]. Men were dilatory
about going to Canada. But all seemed
to allow that there was enough to be had.
July 10 Wednesday.
Went up to Mr Bean's & set out
with him for Boston. Dined at
Mr [Harris's?]. To Roxbury & viewed
some forts. Lodged at Mr Everet's
who lives in Josh. Loving's house.
Eat plentifully of English cherries
currents etc. -
July. 11. Thursday.
Went down to Dorchester point be-
fore breakfast. Saw a very pretty
fort there of about 9[?] guns.
Heard Dr Cooper at Thursday lec-
ture. Dined at uncle Prince's, and
Aunt & Sam. were under [innoculation?]
Saw Capt. Barnard, who said, no
young man preached at Haverhill yet.
To Cambridge over Bunker, Winter
& Prospect Hill. Supped at the [?]
[?] upon Lobster etc. Lodged at Sprague

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