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An extempore thought on some servile addresses from the
long venerated seminary of Harvard College.

Oxonias sons in abject lays
Might chaunt their idle fulsome praise
To Stewarts treacherous line,
Their adulating strains express,
With servile flat(t)eries address,
And own their right Divine. –

Then freedom found a safe retreat,
In Harvard's venerated seat,
A liberal plan was laid,
How are her annals now disgraced!
How Harvard sons! alas! debased!
The gen'rous work's betray'd.

A despots trophies to adorn,
Thy noble ancestors would scorn
In ancient virtues days,
They'd wept to see thy fallen state
The sacred texts you violate,
A par(ri)cide to praise. –

A solemn debate of a certain bench of Justices to form an address
to Governor Hutchinson, just before he left the chair.

Their adulation's past expressing
In any way but by addresing,
And as some Justices of the quorum
Had done the self same thing before them,
'Twas therefore thought it might be best
To offer incense with the rest.
For Justices of ev'ry size
The weak, the wicked, dull, or wise

No one who holds a Kings Commission
Is quite devoid of some ambition,
Although to rectitude or sense
They seldom can make much pretence.

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