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kept for 10 days - and then a permit had
to be got for them before they could enter
the city. Meanwhile, reports of all
kinds flew round. The woman in charge
of Telephone at Ballyboden (Centre for this)
rang up every time she had any startling
news & gave it - and indeed some the items
she told were very frighteneing, - before long
were heard the whole city was occupied, &
the looting of all the big establishments
in O'Connell Street began. Mother Provicial
got on phone to Stephen's Green, news
confirmed that Park was occupied, trenches
had been dug by Sinn Feiners. No police
or Military about till late in the day. Tuesday.

Mother General made arrangements
that day with our Baker, Ch.s Laudy for
bread & in case he was unable to bake
to supply us with sacks of flour. Mr. Nugent
(of the Irish Creamery, Dublin) that same evening
brought eggs and butter - he was most kind
bringing supplies to all our Convents in town

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