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Training College for Teachers and School
for the Deaf

January 2, 1922 - Monday

We were all up early and off to the
station at 7 a.m. to get to our places in
front of the hospital, where seats were
reserved for school children, in or-
der [order] to see the Prince of Wales pass by.
A train passed loaded with children
from Kemmendine, but our local
was late; however we reached Lan-
madaw [Lanmadaw] shortly before eight and ar-
rived [arrived] at the grandstand to find the
blind boys occupying our space!
After some manouvering we were
crowded in - a really better position,
so all's well that ends well. The pro-
cession [procession] was disappointing, but we
all got a good look at "his royal high-
ness [highness]" who passed between a heteroge-
neous [heterogeneous] collection of soldiers placed
six paces apart. Then we waited a few
minutes to see the crowd scatter be-
fore [before] going over to the convent to deliver
a small 'parcel' to one of the nuns from
Ceylon; here we visited the former Ger-
man [German] Club, purchased by the order, as
it joins their property, & I met an un-
reconstructed [unreconstructed] reble in the person of the

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only American member - a nun from New
Orleans, out here
forty seven years!

January 3, 1922 - Tuesday

Yesterday was the only holiday we've had
from language school, but I took one
today, going to the 'proclamation' on the
race course where I took half a dozen
snapshots, and at one time was quite
surrounded by a crowd of Indian coolies
who were much interested in my ko-
dak [kodak]. Dressed in my best bib and tucker
suitable to the occasion, which consist-
ed [consisted] of my white dotted swiss, the pr. of
white clocked stockings given me by Mrs.
Elkin, the white milan hat donated by
Mary Reid, a pr. of wht. silk gloves of moth-
er's [mother's], gold locket and chain, bracelet ditto,
pearl & diamond brooch, O.E.S. and D.A.R.
pins, I sallied forth to the garden party at
Government House. Being such a new ar-
rival [arrival] I was not officially invited, but that
bothered me not at all, as Misses C. and W.
kindly arranged for me to go in with the
Girl Guides, where on arrival we first had
paper bag refreshments, and then Miss C.
from C. and I went out among the crowd
'for to see' and be seen. We saw the Karen
chiefs dance, a juggler with bamboo
balls, & a famous pwe, with dancing girls

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