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January 12, 1922 - Thursday

We discussed plans for the hot season some-
what [somewhat] today. Loilem seems to be losing in favor
as Miss Seagraves had already backed out, &
neither Misses Geis nor Tufts can go that far
from Ellen Mitchell Memorial Hospital at
Moulmein. We all read a letter from the
latter one by one in class this afternoon. I
went by the library on my way to Jubilee Hall
this afternoon, but it was closed although it
was not quite five thirty; I shall have to try
again tomorrow. Had a long chat with a Sal-
vation [Salvation] Army man, an American, who works with the crimi-
nal [criminal] tribes of north India, at the platform this
p.m. The Indian army doctor Francis returned
with his friends according to promise this aft.,
the Chinese woman was back again, also the
deaf sister & her companion; a Japanese cou-
ple [couple] also visited us, and the usual round of
Britishers - mostly Scotch - Eurasians, and
various assortment of natives. Miss C. has a
score of new cotton blankets made in the U.
S.A., [U.S.A.] together with three wool pairs - a bright
red - that a generous-hearted Indian gave
her. Had a letter from one of Mrs. Reid's S. S. class
today saying they had sent me a box and also
wished to add a magazine; I've just sent for
a half dozen of the latter but there are several

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others I'd like to have - the only difficulty is in
making a choice.

January 13, 1922 - Friday

As this is a short school day I went to town after
breakfast, but did not get off till about three p.m.
Went to de Souza's but my prints were not finish-
ed [finished]; to the press, where I drew a hundred rupees,
paid Mr. Phinney the month's salary I voted to
give to the board at the December missionaries'
prayer meeting after the cable was received
about the distressing financial conditions at
home (R.205/+); asked for bill; and got an ex-
planation [explanation] about my balance sheet; before
reaching this place, however, I stopped at Rowe's
to look for a towel for Mrs. McGuire & found one
that I think is just like the one that was lost, which I bought at
R. 5/8 - an outrageous price, tho' it is a nice
big bath towel. Then from the press I took a rick-
shaw [rickshaw] & went to the free library; went yes. aft.
but it was closed, tho' it is supposed to be open
till dusk & it was not then 5:30; it was about
a quarter of an hour earlier this time, so the
librarian - a native - was still there; he looked
up most of the volumes on the list given
me by Mr. Wiatt, and only about half of them
can be obtained there; do not know where I
can get the others, but perhaps I can borrow
from some of the missionaries. Then on to J.
Hall - the last day of the exhibit, and no one so

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