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[Left-hand page number]22

first one visited, and 2 sets of em. strips at
the other; then to the library to hand in my appli-
cation [application]; and finally
to the jail sales room, where I had been
wanting to go for a long time to see furniture.

January 22, 1922 - Sunday

Sun. is the busiest day of the week it seems to
me - talk about the day of rest! I did lie in
bed an hr. later than usual this a.m. however.
Then took a bath (missed mine yes.), dressed,
& went to Burmese ch. with Ma Nyein, coming
back by tram, as we didn't try to make the
11:45 train as we did last wk. This aft. I
got two linen lined envelopes containing
Chinese embroideries, pin, kodak pictures,
etc., ready to go to Cousin Jennie Pettus; one
ditto to Katharine Dozier; and bundle con-
taining [containing] three native cotton shawls and two
sets of chop sticks ready for Aunt Lizzie Bright,
letter contain thanks for cake, etc., & kodak
prints off to Mrs. Haynes for Mrs. Reid's Bible
Class, Portland, Oregon. Began typewritten
letter home, but had written only a few lines
when it was time to go to Immanuel Bapt. Ch.
down town, again with Ma N.; & it was really
for her sake that I went. Gave all some cake
before starting - cook a double portion as I over-
looked [overlooked] her yesterday. The dhoby didn't return the
clothes last wk., but Miss C. doubtless told him
that she would be away. Wrote up the register

[right-hand page number]23

among many other jobs this p.m.

January 23, 1922 - Monday

Misses C., W., Ma Sein Tha, Ma Thwait and Bolo
returned from Bhamo today after a very pleasant
and successful trip from all accounts. I had to
give Boy three rupees with which to buy sufficient
breakfast for us all at Bazaar this morning.
Got a belated I. J. which I read, though one side
was covered with postmarks, so there's no telling
where all it had been. This aft., having done up all
the odd jobs, I recommenced that long-defer-
red [long-deferred] typewritten letter (so I can make a number
of copies at once) home; finished one page and
almost the 2nd before dinner, after which
meal I completed the page, and then corrected
all the 1st pp. before going to bed. It sprinkled
last night a little while about bedtime, and
was cloudy all day, as it has been a good part of
the time today; consequently it is very sultry &
I perspire freely, something I've never done to a
great extent, but I supposed I may expect it out
here. I wanted to mail my letters today but didn't
get off from school, as shall probably have to do,
for the branch p.o. only keep open in the
middle of the day from about ten to four.
Mr. Ah Sou brought me "The Silken East" but as
it is a large & heavy volume I'll leave it at
the Guest House till I see about moving. Now
Miss. C. wants Kelly's book about Burma so
I shall have to ask him for it again. The mos-

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