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140 May 19, 1922 - Friday
Rained again this aft. but J. & I went calling anyhow
afterwards; I went to Harrises, but they were not at
home, so then I joined her at [?]; Mr. & Mrs. Underwood
Wesleyian miss. who are living in the tent in the
neighborhood, were there & me had quite an interest-
ing conversation with the latter - her husband was
out on the porch chatting Mr. M. - who knows Mr. [Moyley?],
[?] - Weston [Caldwell?] & others that I am also acquainted
with. She is a great talker, brunette with bobbed hair; I've
invited her to see me in [Ui?]. Mrs. H. picked strawberries yes.
so after break. I went up to see if I could buy some; the
woman still away, so I came home with an empty
basket; B. washed what we had up, however, & we had
them on the little cakes, left over end, & a part of one of
the round ones I baked for dessert. I knitted quite awhile
but forgot to widen under the arms, so had 22 rows to
to take out on my sweater; got it all in again after dinner.
Didn't sleep well again last night. My private lesson
this a.m. was not at all satisfactory. E. is reading
"When Winter Comes". Washed white lace hose, over
shoes & white pumps this morning; the latter are a-
bout worn out. The [?] went on their trip to
Launggyi yes. - & I didn't get to go. Mr. H. had a chill
last eve; I gave quinine to help him along and Herbert
nearly had croup - probably from getting wet feet yes.
Read my [?] some on my Y.C. Got monehy from May
Garet & a note also; she had her exam today, & I'm
sure got thru o.k. Paid B. R6 1/2 for the 2 mos. rent.
She thinks 15 more will see us thru up here; if [?]
We will get out for a little less than R3 per day.
Haven't gotten H's picture yet in his paper costume, nor
any bazaar pictures; hope Mon. will be a nice day, as
it is my last chance so far as the latter is concerned.
The bugs have gotten very bad; we saw a large, handsome
moth this eve; a smaller black one, banded with white,
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May 20, 1922 - Saturday 141
burnt itself in the flame of E's lamp at the dining
I knitted on my sweater again this a.m. & again had a
lot to take out - worse luck. B. wanted me to make choc.
sauce again for the cake tonight, which I did right after
breakfast. Mr. & Mrs. H. made some plum jelly at the
same time; got the fruit from the trees in the yard -
enough for two glasses of amber colored goodie. Later
I cut and sorted some gladioli for the tall glass
vase; cut a few salmon pink roses for Mrs. H. which
she put in a glass; & then gathered a big bunch of
pinks - enough for my black bowl in the basket
stand, & for the pedistal put the remainder in the
smallest brown teapot. Had a note from Miss Nicholas
which I answered; also from Mrs. E. & Miss P. - which I
signed receipt & stood and talked for half an hr. or more;
later brought over the Rangoon Gazette for me to read.
for which I was grateful; told me of their Launggyi
trip about the Shan Princess there, one in R., where they
live there, etc. Mrs. H. & Howard took a long walk. Didn't
rain much after all, but didn't get any calls in.
A red-vented bulbul has built a lovely nest in one of
the plum trees; Mr. H. showed it me. Didn't sleep
well last night. Loaned E. a heavy string which
she later returned. Finally got the sweater finished;
borrowed an amber crochet needle from E. & J. will
crochet around the necks of the two Mon. a.m. I'll
mail to American where I get to R. Loaned Mrs. H. the
last Y.C.; always put all [?] magazines out in the
sitting room as soon I've read them for the benefit
of the others. J. hunted up the [?] & got the best of her
things, a blouse & a dress; his wife is ill; our things were
washed but not ironed. (End of Page)

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