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possess, dureing [during] his remaining, a Debtor under and in
virtue of these presents, and also his Library of books of every description and all Debts due to the said
Benjamin Haley, whether by bond, bill, note, or open account
and the evidence thereof. To have and to hold all and
singular, the estate, goods, and effects, here in discribed [described]
with every part, and parcel there of, unto the said
George Williamson, and Miles Turpin, and their survivours [survivors],
of them, their heirs executors, administrators and
assigns forever. Nevertheless, upon the following Trust,
and confidence and to and for the use intent and
purpose whatsoever. that is to say, for the purpose of
paying and satisfying all such sum or sums of money
as may remain due to the parties of the second part of
this Indenture, and who may subscribe to the terms
of this trust, as well as any other Just Creditor for
Debts now contracted and [page torn- illegible]
may likewise assent hereto, on or before the first day
of April eighteen hundred and thirteen, in case the
said Benjamin Haley, his exors. [executors] admrs. [administrators] shall fail neglect
or refuse to satisfy, and pay the Debts aforesaid on
or before the first day of March eighteen hundred and
sixteen. it shall be at the option of a Majority of the Number
of Creditors who may become parties hereto either to
extend a further time, or if they see cause to direct otherwise
and there upon to require the said George Williamson
and Miles Turpin or either of them their heirs exors [executors] admrs [administrators]

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