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to have and to hold for the said Bennefith [Benefit] of
my wife during her natuaral [natural] life and after to my
daughter, Sarah A Johnson and if the said Danl
P Johnson & Sarah his wife should have [[struck]: any]]
Any more [struck] [[struck]: Vaughan]] children then for all
their Bennefith [Benefit] and said Vaughan is to have and
hold the said property conveyed in this deed free
from the claim or claims of Danil [Daniel] P Johnson his
Executors administrators or assigns as witness my
hand and seal this date and year as above
James Barton
J. J. Johnson.
[check mark] D P Johnson { Seal}
John Vaughan {Seal}

At a Court of Hustings held for the City of Richmond at
the City Hall the 23rd day of May 1823. This Deed
was acknowledged by Danl P Johnson a party thereto &
ordered to be recorded.
Th. C. Howard clk [ckerk]

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