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This Indenture made & entered into this twenty eighth day of
April in the year one thousand eight hundred & thirty four
between Anderson Johnson of the county of Fluvanna of the
one part, William M. Armistead & Archibald Bryce j of the
county of Goochland of the second part, & Edmund George
of the said county of Fluvanna of the third part: Witnesseth
that whereas the said Edmund George hath become bound in
two several forthcoming bonds, executed by the said Anderson
under execution, from the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chanccery
for the county of Fluvanna, one in the case of Hatcher,
Smith &c'a & the other in the case of Henry Smith against him
& has become bound also to pay as his surety the judgment obtained
in the county court of Fluvanna on an attachment
in the case of Benj. [Benjamin] H Powell against said Anderson Johnson
& Whereas the said Anderson is justly indebted to Alexander C
Smith by bond payable first March 1829. dated 20 June 1829
in the sum of one hundred dollars & seventy four cents---
& by another bond dated 5 Nov. 1831 for fourteen doll. [dollars] & forty cents
the 15 December 1830. & is also indebted to Alexander & Daniel
Smith in the sum of three hundred & eleven dollars thirty seven cents
evidenced by bond dated 11 Oct. 1832; & is likewise indebted
to the said Edmund George in the sum twenty four dollr. [dollars] forty
eight cents due 28 May 1832. -- and the said Anderson being
desirious of securing the said Edmund George & saving him
harmless & of making secure the above mentioned debts -
now for & in consideration of the premise, offer the further
consideration of the sum of five dollars to him the said
Anderson in hand paid by the said Will. [William] M. Armistead &
Archd [Archibald] Bryce jr the receipt whereover is hereby acknowledged
the said Anderson hath bargained & sold & by these presents
doth bargain, sell, give, grant, alien, convey, transfer &
assign to the said Will. M. Amistead, & Archibald Bryce jr

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