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This deed made this 24th of October in the year
1854 between Henry P. Irving of the one part & Robert
K. Irving of the other part witnesseth that the said
Henry P. Irving doth grant unto the said Robert K.
Irving the following property to wit: a negro slave
Anthony, Caroline, Maria, Jeni with [illegible], William & Maria's
child about twelve months old, Jeni at Selma & Mary
In trust to secure the payment to Wm. C. Sctt [Scott] of
the following debts viz: two bonds of $1000 each
[entered?] by H. P. Irving to W. C. Scott dated the 15th. of February 1853, one payable on
demand & the other ninety days after date; a
check in H. P. Irving's favor favor for $500 dated March 18th 1853
& for which [illegible], the [illegible] & executed [illegible - his or my] bond
that which is mislaid or lost, a bond of $1500 dated
the 15th of Jan 1852 & payable on demand &
a negotiable note for executed by Henry P. Irving
to Martan P. [Scott?] for $600 [illegible] July 28th 1852
& payable four months after date & on demand by
Martan P. [Scott?]. Witness the following signature
& seal.
Henry P. Irving [seal]

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