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First Name Middle Name Last Name Alias Registration number Date of registration Age Gender Color Height- Feet Height - Inches Physical description Free status Where emancipated Who emancipated Previous place of registration Date of birth Place of birth Name of mother Additional information
Lucy Edwards 492 1823-07-14 23 Bright yellow 5 3 No apparent mark or scar born free/free born
Emanuel Valentine 493 1823-07-14 47 Black 5 9 a scar on the left eye brow born free/free born
Thomas Bridgewater 494 1823-07-14 25 Black 5 8.25 a scar on this first Joint of the thumb on the left hand, one in the forehead and one over the left eye born free/free born
Thomas Cox 495 1823-07-14 26 Black 5 10.375 a scar on the right cheak [cheek] bone and several on the left wrist and hand emancipated John Brown
Mary Ann Cox 496 1823-07-14 9 Dark brown 4 1.5 no scar or mark born free/free born
Henry Coleman 497 1823-07-14 22 Dark complexion 5 3.375 a scar on the right great toe where it Joins the foot, one on the back of the right hand and one over the left eye born free/free born
Nelson Cousins 498 1823-08-11 25 Light brown 5 9 A scar on the left hand born free/free born
Chastain Moss 499 1823-08-12 22 Bright Yellow 5 5.75 a scar on the right wrist, and one on the first joint of the forefinger of the left hand born free/free born
Harry Hix 500 1823-08-13 44 Male Black 5 5.75 Woolly hair, several scars on his breast and one on the corner of his left eyebrow emancipated by will Nathaniel Nuckels
Sally Morriss 501 1823-11-12 19 Light Brown 5 1 Has no apparent scar or flesh mark born free/free born
Polly Morriss 502 1823-11-12 17 Female Light Brown 5 3.5 The little finer of her right hand contracted and a small scar under her lip born free/free born
Peter Anderson 503 1823-11-12 21 Dark Brown 5 8 Has no apparent scar or flesh mark emancipated by will Jordan Anderson decd
Sophia Woodman 504 1824-03-08 20 Female Mulatto 5 4.125 has a scar upon the left side of her breast and several upon her right hand born free/free born
Washington Brown 505 1824-03-08 23 Black 5 7.375 has a scar on the outside of the left hand, and a mole on the inside of the right thumb born free/free born
Benjamin Platcher 506 1824-03-12 51 Male Black 5 9 has a scar on his right hand emancipated by decree Chesterfield County Superior Court obtained his freedom by a judgment of the Superior Court of this county

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