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What was your attitude toward military service in general and toward your call in particular?: Member of the Virginia National Guard in the service of the United States Service at time of state of war was declared to exist between the United States and Germany. Took additional oath for foreign service as soon as could be arranged by Federal Government.

What were the effects of camp experiences in the United States upon yourself -- mental and physical?: Invaluable effects to me physically as well as mentally

What were the effects upon yourself of your overseas experience?: So far as I could judge under existing circumstances in France it more than substantiated my former belief that the United States is far ahead of other countries, commercially and otherwise.

What effects, if any, did your experience have on your religious belief?: NONE.

If you took part in the fighting, what impressions were made upon you by this experience?: 1st. That the American soldier as a whole is more willing to make sacrifice than the average American citizen believes. 2nd. That to do battle in defense of one's country is an honor of the highest, and the duty every man owes, nevertheless, war is horrible, and indescribable.

What has been the effect of all these experiences as contrasted with your state of mind before the war?: none

Photographs-- If possible enclose one taken before entering the service and one taken afterwards in uniform, both signed and dated.

Additional data: At present time Reserve Officer United States Army with rank of Major of infantry. Enclosed photograph made about two weeks prior to entry of my regiment into the Argonne in 1918.

Signed at (place): Bluefield, W. Va.

on (date): September 26

year: 1921

(full name): Herbert Davis May

(rank): Captain

(branch of service): Infantry

The information contained in this record, unless otherwise indicated, was obtained from the following persons or sources:: Colaborator Fannie W. {Janell}

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