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+ then felt sleepy + so went to bed I seem to have dried
up rather in my letter writing capabilities But so little
of interest to you seems to be happenng to me nowadays
sometimes there are things but they seem so trivial +
unimportant + I'm afraid of you being bored with my
letters but perhaps I had better risk such things
+ at least it will be more for you to read from
me + about me Also I seem to be so dreamy nowadays +
I just sit for ages gazing at your photographs + at the
blank wall in front of me + wondering about you +
what you are doing + thinking of the past + imagining
or doing my best to the future and I never waste any
time nowadays by dropping off to sleep in that bad way
which I used to at home Except the other evening when I
went off into a hell of a doze after dinner But I had
three spanking Plymouth Gins before beer with + brandy
after dinner + it was a very small cabin + no window
(or port hole) open at all on account of the black out
just a fan churning up the foul air + four men all
smoking hard And the conversation became very dull +
nautical Poor but I enjoyed it all the same There
was another Naval Commander there who I know quite well
+ a little Major from the Royal Engineers who used to
be in the 7th Bn years ago + before my time We
finally went out into the town for some beer where I had
not enough money to buy a round so that was fine
the other commander was R.N.R. that is reserve + was
in the film business in civil life I had been talking
to him previously about British Dominion Films + their
foul shares He said they were the most awful camp

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