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I am quite friendly with most of the others, particularly
Jim Headley - but that is very far from having a friend
among them. Salaman, my new 2 i/c is doing pretty well,
- I get on very well with him - but his intellect is extremely
limited. & if the conversation goes away from Coy affairs,
it is to hear rather boring accounts of his times as a
Corporal in the Black Watch, & some party, or some girl
he knew. And of course this C.O. & major business does
not help. The few people I know outside, whom I like,
& who approximate into my exalted rank, all spend far
more money than I would do or want to - & so I skip
out of all their invitations & suggestions. It does not
worry me at all darling, really & truly - except that I would
like someone to go off with & see the country. 90
into Syria, where officers are now allowed to go on
leave. Mosearity is leaving me shortly, posted to some
special job on account of his banking experience. I am
not sorry really. He is a very nice fellow, but he talks
too much to the point of & beyond boredom. I have
been very blunt & rude to him at times to shut him up.
He is really very good looking - fair hair & good features,
not at all Jewish & an English moustache - & apparently
he enjoys a reputation for good looks & knows it. And
so he is rather [?] with himself & effects terrific
charm. He is very pleasant in many ways, & when I
am away from him I feel very sorry he is going -
but later when I meet him, & he treats me to
a winning smile & begins to flag some trivial
matter to draft - I feel that it is just as well.
My new one, Halr, is getting me down, I'm afraid. He

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