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good fun + as you know we had some marvellous
drinking parties together But over + above that + so
much more important of course he was such a fine
chap- so very intelligent + sensible + so well read
+ educated + so very interesting to talk to + listen
to. And he was so bloody pleasant + unselfish +
so kindly + sympathetic + understanding. And yet very
stren in his outlook + character in many ways. And
dear old Frank he was so genuinely fond of me + interested
in me + would have done anything for me. And
he was looking forward, just as much as I was, to
all the fun & interest we would all have together
when we were home again. I feel dreadfully depressed
& dejected & angry. He was such a dear fellow, old
Franck & you know how difficult I find it to make
friends & he was one if a million & quite
irreplaceable. I got to know him slowly & as you
know I prefered Rex for some time. But I don't
really mind whether I see Rex again or not, but
I shall remember & regret Franck for a very long
time to come. I will tell you much more about
him when I come home. And I will write
his mother a long letter. I'm sure she will be
pleased to hear from somebody who knew him well
out here, who was so found of him. Otherwise, she
will only get a rather stereotyped sort of letter from

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