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his C.O. You know it seems to me so utterly
wrong that a man like Frank 28 years of age a
fine leader of men- he had a very good way with
them + they liked + respected him- with a first
class brain + obvious ability - should have to be
a 2nd Lieut + a Platoon Commander easily the
most consistently dangerous job in the Army And
yet bumped up brainless little idiots who have been
a few years in the Regular or Territorial Army
should command coys + have so much more chance
And that silly useless Eric (Blake) James as a staff
Captain- + that strong healthy blasted red headed
Mac Erlean ideal cannon fodder got himseld a pie
job as something or other at a Prisoners of War
camp in Egypt - 100% safe its all very wrong
the Army suffers now because of it - + civilisation
+ the reconstruction of the world + the next +
following generations will suffer too Frank could
+ would have commanded a Coy at least perfectly
And if he had been given a staff job he would
have worked hard + been darned useful Instead
of which he has to expose himself in do or die
stuff against German desperados + gangsters in that
hellish battled of Crete
I suppose there is just a hope that these
three men may be mistaken - but they were

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