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very certain about it I know you will be very sorry
too that we are denied a good time friend after
this foul war is over
Poor old Frank - I must leave him now- butI shall feel very
sad for many days to come
I was very glad to hear darling in your second p.c.
that max was going to be circumcised that week
I have written you all about this but I knew you would
remember or be reminded somehow + decide to have
him done I'm certain it is far better I hope he came
through it alright Apparently it is very easy when boys
are only a few days old Did I ever tell you about
mine? when I was 10 or 12 or thereabout I was
very interested in the subject of operations + thought
they were rather heroic + used to always be asking
my ma if I had ever had any She used to
say just one - + I asked what it was And she
said just a little one + I made a noise like a
hen And I used to ask dozens of times + she
waned never tell me any more And it wasn't until
years afterwards that I realized what it really was
I wonder of Ma made a noise like a hen
The last Palestine Orchestra concert of the season is
tomorrow + of course I am going This time I am
taking the man Hopkins + his wife to repay their
kindness + hospitality to me They really are

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