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this Lybian push will be very quick & final - but I am
afraid that it will not mean any reduction of
our strength in the M.E. There remains the [?]
& we may go into Italy, or even Southern France.
In any case, we shall now be showing Russia by our
actions just what we can do - though I really do
feel that they understand our policy & higher strategy.

I had a very pleasant evening with Barstein yesterday
& he brought quite a pleasant wife along too. A good
dinner was had & then we went to "Pimpernel Smith"
with Leslie Howard. I wonder have you seen it? It
really was excellent - wonderfully well acted, very interesting
& most exciting. Leslie Howard is really very effective.
There was also a Russian propaganda, war news film
showing. It was rather crude & seemed to have been
put together in a bit of a hurry - but maybe it
had been badly cut. The most interesting part was
of thousands of Russian women & children & old men
building fortifications & making track ditches. It has
probably been shown in England by now.

Fancy Kenneth losing one of his balls - or at least having
it permanently out of action & dead. Wretched man -
what a specimen he is - it seems just the sort of
thing that would happen to him. But I do not
think that it renders him impotent. I remember
a frend of mine at school called Nicholls, who
only had one - born like that - & we used to

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