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laugh at him about it - & he always indignantly said
he was alright which made us laugh more, as it
showed that he indulged in this "me & me" business.
They will probably make him an R.T.O. or E.S.O or
some thing, in other words, the sort of officer
who could not get my luggage up from London
in September - or could not get us on the
home boat in August - what a come down for
the silly wimp from the Hussars & the Royal
Armoured Corps. Do you think that there is much
chance of my not seeing him again? It would
be a good arrangement. Though I hope to see
your giggly young sister from time to time.
You are a funny set of sisters, really darling, don't
you feel that? The pretty but silly Peggy.
Betty, soured & selfish & unsympathtic & so on
who is so clever & intelligent & yet has such a
boor of a husband & is ruining Roger & you
who are so sweet & lovely & kind & intelligent
& such a marvellous & wonderful mother & wife!
No, I'm not being partisan, darling, its quite
true & you must have a rough idea that it
is. I wonder what I am & what I have done
to deserve such a wonderful & beautiful wife as
you, my darling. From almost the first moment

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