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I met you, I have loved you & I have never
ceased loving you, not for a moment. You remember,
at your party at Clearbrook, I arranged to meet you
in Kuddesfises - & I wrote & confirmed it &
we did meet. Our first evening out was lovely - me
dying to kiss you. You talking like anything to
stop me. And the next Sunday, I told you in
so many words that I wanted to marry you
& when I came down to Clearbrook, three
weeks later. I did tell you. And when you did say
you would, that ghastly fool, Jimmy, spoiled things
by his nonsensical talk aobut it being too soon
after my appointment at Norths. And then for
a long time, you would not have me & yet
in spite of many rebuffs & rebukes, I kept
on & you did have me. Oh darling - I can
feel now the flood of happiness which poured
over me & into me when you said you
wanted to marry me. And I promise you
solemnly, here & now, that always & for ever I will
love you & cherish you & do all in my power
to make you happy & content.

I have got, today, the print & englarement of your
bathing dress negative & it is lovely darling.
You are so pretty & it nearly drives me crackers
to look at it. And your figure looks lovely &

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