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It seems pretty certain that we shall have a few
hundred pounds when this war is over - and it will
be so wonderul to be able to find a house we
both really like, and make it as we want it, and
most certainly have a relly fine studio for you:
a big one, with a good floor, and plenty of light, and
big windows to throw open in the summer and heat
for the winter. And And what shall I do in my
spare time? Well darling. I thinnk I will be a
perfect husband, lover, and companion, father, or try
very hard to be: and after that, I shall garden.
Yes Really! - and fish and read, and maybe play tennis
Those last four being all things which you can
do, and take an interest in. Gardening, you will very
much approve of of course. Tennis is a good game, and
is good for both of us. And fishing is an interesting
meditative sport, and takes one, usually into nice
country. Golf is given up, of course, because you have
tried, and just do not enjoy it: an occasional game
perhaps, but I certainly shall not join a club.
And then, I thought, I might become an expert at
casting - even in bronze.
Another hard day - and bow all those happy thoughts
are [calming?] me to sleep - so I will go on
tomorrow. Goodnight, my lovely sweetheart. I
shall kiss you and hold on to you, when I am
in bed. xxxxx Harry
Thursday 15 May. I had a pc. dated April 23rd from

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