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you today, and it has made me very happy, because it was a
cheerful one - you had Peggy staying with you - and it means
that you are safe and sound and well, and reasonably happy, up to
three weeks ago. And the cottage in S.Devon is apparently
all fixed up - I am looking foreard to hearing more about
this. I like to see your p.cs addressed to "Major"! Though
I almost feel that Major J.H. Massey looks more dignified
than Major Harry Massey - perhaps not. In any case, the
No. 64582 is not necessary - that was all part of that
wretched address which I gave you when I left England,
and which I shall never foret as long as I live. There
are still 12 of those first letters of yours missing; perhaps
they will arrive someday.
I am writing this just before lunch, and I hope to be
able to do some more this afternoon. The Palestine
Orchestra is here again, and so of course I am going this
evening - this time with [Ben-Aizi?] & Moscovitz; the British
subalterns are too jazz bound.
Your p.c. also said you had had no letter from me for
6 weeks. It really is mortally disappointing, for me as well
as for you - when I think of all the letters I have sent
and the time I have spent in writing them, and have
thought myself such a model, and how pleased you would
be and perhaps even a little surprised to get so many
letters from me. Normally, there is nothing I like to
do better, than to go to my room, and relax, and take a
couple of bottles of beer, [and later?] - I just write to
you and think of you and Lisa and look at your photograph.
But sometimes, it is rather an effort, when I am
feeling tired and unappy and sad, and homesick for you,
but often I have pushed myself on to write, or

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