Status: Needs Review

personality, initiative, and drive - and that I had produced a
satisfactory unit - but that I had much to learn: and so, on
account of the latter, I wasno recommended for further
promotion. I suppose I cannot quibble about htat, as I was only
a Lieutenant three months ago. If they only knew how much
I have had to learn in the last four months, perhaps
the old boy might have qualifies his final remark! But
it is preasant to get another good report, and may be of
help one day.

It is 12-0 o'clock, and I am just back from the concert - and
I will write a little more, beacuse I am going out again
tomorrow. This time to have dinner on board one of
H. M. ships, with the Captain. My friendly Hospital Ship was
in again the other day, and i was asked to a small and
sober cocktail party. I met this man then, and he was a
pleasant, amusing, friendly bloke, and very interesty, of
the last war, and the China Seas etx - and asked me to
go and see his ship, which I did on the Monday. he came and
had some dinner in my Mess on Tuesday, and enteratined
us all considerably - and now I am paying a return
visit tomorrow. I am rather looking forward to it. I have
spent 6 weeks on one of H.M.Troop Ships getting out here
and I have been on various ofof H.M. Hospital Ships - but I
have never had dinner on one of H.M. Ships - R.N.
it is rather priceless how all of mhy social life seems to
be in connection with visiting ships nowadays - they
are the only people from whom I accpet invitations,
really - beacuase i know I cannot be drawn into the
social swirl in this way.
The concert was rather disappointing and has left me
with a blank mond aobu tit - so verry different to the

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