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but I enjoy it, so why shouldn't I?
I will finish this off and post it tomorrow. Goodnight,
darling sweetheard. I love and adore you. XXXX. H.

Friday 16th May. I have been occupied all day today, and now I
have to got out in 20 minutes - so I must hurry and post this
first thing tomorrow morning. This dirty news about Syria
has come through today, so things are getting a little nearer
now. The next few weeks should be interesting. this
Rudolf Hess business must have caused a stir at home.
I must describe my new quarters to you. Where i am
writing this, and where my future letter etc will come
from. Now that i am a major, I have what are known
as Field Officers' Quarters, and these are somewhat palatial
compared with mere Captains and below. Instead of one room
as before, I have two rooms of the same size - and in the
other - there is a door in between - table, easy leather
chairs, chest of drawers, and a sort of book case and beer cupboard
combined. And the next door, I have my own private bathroom
with wash basin, lavabo, and tinkle dept. So you see, I
am quite well off, comparatively. Though it is not as good
as it sounds, because the floor is concrete, and the walls
are rather dirty yellow, and the roof hangs over and does not
allow a great deal of light to come. All of which makes
the place pretty dreary and very obviously part of a barracks -
its really rather depressing, most of the time, though it
helps to have more room, and nobody else making a mess in
my bath and places. My other place, in billets, was much
more cheerful, with plenty of licht and my little
garden to look at , and a verandah with flowers hanging
about. But I suppose I must just make the

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