Status: Needs Review

I too, deemed it a special favor to be
paroled, when I was, though there has
been one or two more cargos, since then
one having arrived here and another
being expected now, so it seems the
"flat" refusal of the ribs, is of little account.
I have, what I receive as [underline]unquestionable[/underline]
authority for beleiving that two hundred
pounds of powder were placed under
the ten hundred Officrs, confined at
Libby Prison; that a slow match was
connected with the train and a soldier
was stationed, with fire to apply, on
the arrival of Kilpatrick or on any
signs of an outbreak among the victims.
All comunication between the several
floors, was cut off by removing the stair
cases, and a Guard was stationed
in each ward at night to prevent any
"tunnelling." Though the explosion did
not take place, the rashness of the
"Corn-Techs" will fall heavily on their own
[Krews?] for the Officers and men will be
the most desperate men it is possible to
find, when they are at the front again.

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