No. 23. Sept 29, 1861
Sunday Night. there is an army of secessionist
marching on Hopkinsville. The town in a great
state of excitement, runners have been sent in every
direction for aid. Many families are leaving town.
Robert dined with us. Thomas Wallace took tea
with us dressed in uniform and armed. He
started immediately for the scene of excitement.
Monday 30 Sept, part of the southern army entered
town to day.
Oct. 1, 1861
The Confederate troops have been coming in all day.
The Union men have disbanded and sicreted
their armes, their force being to[o] small to risk an
engagement. Thomas Wallace came in a short time this evening.
Wallace and Alfred at the farm.
October, the 6. A messenger from the Ohio River saying
____ Autta Wallace, again very ill. Mipipping troops still
occupying Hopkinsville, there is a rumor that a
Northern army ten thousand strong are advancing to
attack the Southern forces here.
Oct. the 9. The Confederate Troop is quiet _____
of the town. I cannot look upon my countrymen as
enemies, I pitty the poor soldier from the depth

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Could the name in the October 6 entry be Mrs Arthur Wallace?