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Page Heading:: North Carolina Salisbury District } Causes for Tryal to Salisbury Superior Court March Term 1767

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No.Parties NamesWhat ActionPlease Issues &C.Verdicts Judgments and Orders of this Court &C
AN 11 JDHugh Montgomery vs Robert McClennahanCase 41General Issue per JD &C.Abated by the death of the defendant issd
RH 119 JDJohn Fondrron vs Samuel GayCase 52Non Assumpsit per JD&issueDiscontinued issd
RH 120 ANJohn Dunn Esqr vs Robert HollowayCase N5 54Non asst:Continued didimus to So Carolina
EF 121 JWWilliam Nebin vs William BrowningCase 56Non Asst: in the Statute of Limitation per JW & issueContinued
AN 122 JEJohn Crittenden vs Joseph John AlstonDebt 57Non Est Factum & issueDiscontinued - Att to pay issd
AN 123Abraham Mares Gent: vs Thomas & John PullamCase 58Judgment by DefaultRefers to Henry Dawson & Joel Lane Esqr & their award to be a Rate of this Court
JD 124William Satterwhite vs John Stuart Senr:Case 62Judgment by Default & Inqury:Continued
JD 125 JW RHMicajah Pickett vs John StevensCase 64Non Asst. per JW and issueJury impannelld & Sworn & find the defendant did Assume & Assess damage to the sum of £87"4"0 Pro. money & Sixpence Costs issd
RH 126 SSJoseph Pack vs Micajah Pickett & othersDebt 65Non Est Factum Per SS and issue Per RHImp. Saml. Spencer, with the Records of Anson

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