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Lucio Alvarez at May 15, 2022 07:44 PM


I am assured that 500 transport ships
in the River in severall. ports are taken up
for the service of the Descent

This day the New Mortars for
bombarding the ffrench Maritime townes
were carried downe the River to be experi

Yesterday 12000l was brought
into the Exchequer. by 100l at a time upon
the Million proiect Bill which makes it
nigh 300000l.

The Queene yesterday meeting
a flanders officer in Saint. James's parke
who had a few dayes before taken his
leave of her Maiestie to goe to his post
the Queene called him to her and said
she thought he had beene in Flanders
the wind being faire, but if he did
not like his Commission bid him bring
it to her & she would dispose of it -
where upon all officers hurry away least
the Queene should say the like to them

The Gunners & Bombarders
dayly exercise at Black heath and above
60 Gunners. are taken into service to be
imployed in the Descent.

The Dutch St Tubes fleet
in Holland is taken in to service to be
imployed as transport ships in the Descent

Yesterday the Virginia Merchants
attended the Cabinet Councell & prayed that the
Embargeo might be taken off their
shiping which was granted and orders

raiseing a Ban and A near Ban throughout his dominions intimateing that the
Kingdom is threatened with an English & Dutch Descent and they will be mixed with
some regular forces. Corne is extereame scarce in severall parts of this Kingdom the
people flying about in troops to seek after bread. Wee are advisid from [Hsez] in the
low Languedocke that the Dragoons Catholicks of that Province likely assembled to the

& Mr Thomson of the
of the 16 inst. that Sr Martin Berkman
-fications at his
with the following