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applies to the support of a distinction of
the same kind among others not so related,
it will follow inevitably that a distiunction
in the latter case is equally justifiable
with one in the former: the are both
supported by the same principle of natural
law, & therefore must stand or fall together.
I have introduced these observations upon
the foundation of the authority of parents
over their children, for the sake of example
rather than as necessary to support the
general idea of inequality, I say as neces-
-sary, for I think before the principle of abso-
-lute equality can be maintained, it must
be made to appear that all mankind, in
point of capacity & disposition to conduct
properly, are equal.

It now only remains to apply these ge-
-neral principles to the particular case
of the Africans in this country, & see what
degree of authority the people here are

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