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One sprig out of Baxter's discription of the excellencies
of that Best which remaineth for the Children of God, awaits
your perusal; tendered by that Friend who is invariable
in the best wishes for your possessing every previous
requisites for the enjoyment of whatever can complete
the sum of your happiness in future.

"It is a Best suitable to the desires of the saints: The
renewed nature; to those desires which are spiritual;
of God's own planting, such as he will water most assuredly,
giving them increase. He quickens their
hunger & thirst for righteousness, that he may make
them happy in full satisfaction.

Christian, this is But after thine own heart;
it containeth all that thine heart can wish; that
which thou longest for prayest for labourest for,
there thou shall find it all. Thou hadst rather
have God in Christ than all the world; why, these,
thou shalt have Him. Desire what thous canst, & ask
what thou wilt, as a Christian, & it shall be given
thee; not only to half the kingdom, but to the enjoy-
ment of kindom & king. This is a life of both
desire, & prayer; but that is a life of satisfaction, &

There, will be no succession
of Joy, because no intermission. Blessed tranquillity, sup-
ported by continual peace! Non are sick there.
All are Kings."

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