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Wednesday June 20th 1855 - Being the anniversary of the
Accession of our Queen, the ship was dressed and a
general holiday made - Red Jacket sailed for England
At noon Flag Ship Madagascar fired a Royal Salute, the
French, American and Brazilian returning it, and at the
same time, giving three cheers. At 3 the Vixen came over
and went up to the Coal Wharf preparatory to going home.
In the evening there was a grand display of fireworks on

June 21st Very unwell, suffering from headache: Surgeon of
Flag Ship came on board to see me - Spy came in from
the Nward having Yellow Fever on board, 10 fatal cases: put
in Quarantine. In the evening most of the Officers went on
shore to the Opera - At 8 a heavy shower of rain.

June 22nd - Exercised at General Quarters - Heard of another
death on board the Spy. In the afternoon Drs Byrne
and Woodcock came on board and shortly afterwards
Dr Crocker and Eversfield - Heard from them
that we are all to go out on a cruise with the
Admiral on the 28th, after which the Vixen was to sail
for England - Spy has sent several of her hands to
the Hospital but was relieved from Quarantine - Took
a dose of Calomel and Opium and turned in.

June 23rd At 8 the Vixen came down from the Coal
Wharf and anchored close to us. Heard of the arrival of the
Lindersfarne from Liverpool - Felt a little better and able to attend
to the Sick without assistance from Flag Ship.
10 Pridham went on shore to endeavour to enter men
being now thirteen short of complement with the prospect
of invaliding two or three more - Came off in the evening
bringing with him four men; made it Saturday night in

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