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whole - number only 2 galleys kept ahead of us, we being
the 3rd boat: after they returned to their respective ships
the signal was to man and arm boats, fortunately I was
too unwell to go away for it was frightfully hot, I saw
the Dr. of Trident was sent in charge - In the forenoon a
subscription was made by the Officers and men to purchase
instruments for making a small band, a very capital and
useful arrangement - Received orders to be ready for going
to sea on Thursday - In the afternoon Mr. Booth went ashore
with the Musicians, having raised very nearly £12 - In the
evening the Music was tried, but being the first attempt they
did not symphonize - A most sultry unpleasant evening.

July 25th - At 4.30 I was awoke by a pampero which came
on very suddenly and while it lasted blew very hard. At 8 it
moderated and we had rain. At 9 a signal from Admiral
to prepare for sea and be ready for sailing by 1 PM. At 10 a
signal for the Commander, on his return learnt we are going
direct to Pernumbuco. Guns firing from the Fort and
the Constitution on account of the escape of a prisoner. In the
afternoon there was a signal from the Fort of a Vessel being in
distress outside, where there was a heavy swell in consequence
of the blow this morning : a Brazilian Screw Steamer was sent
out, with boats from the English and French frigates. At 2 commenced
bending sails - An order from the Admiral to require a
Mate - Bought some more instruments for our band. Steamer
returning having in tow a disabled brigantine. French Admiral
gave a dinner -

July 26th Daylight commenced to unmoor and prepare
for sea : at 9 Mr. Lenner (Mate) joind from the Madagascar.
10 Minute guns firing from both Harts and Constitution, boats sent
away from each Flag Ship 11 A signal to get steam up as soon as

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