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possible - Commdr went on board Flag ship 12.30 Steam up
weighed and steamed out of the harbor. At 5 let fires go out
and made sail. In the evening very fine.

July 27th Light winds Cape Frio astern of us (I wished
for ever) and just visible - Made all possible sail,
passed several vessels going to Rio - our new Messmate
took the Wine Catership.

July 28th A fine fresh breeze from SE running
with topmast studdy sails. In the afternoon it freshened
and after quarters we had to reef: going ten knots.

July 29th Sunday, At Sea. Strong breezes with occasional
heavy squalls all day - Noon passed a brig standing to the Nward.
At 3 Commdr dined with - At 7 went to bed.

July 30th Woke with a frightful headache, which was quickly
followed by rigors, and as soon as I had seen my sick, took
a large dose of Antimony and Arsenic and rum and turned in again
During the day there were heavy squalls with rain.

July 31st The same sort of weather : after Quarters exercised
at gun drill : felt considerably better : made and shortned
sail as requisite to heavy squalls : passed a Brazilian brig :
in the evening.

Wednesday, August 1st 1855 At Sea. Beautiful mild
morning with a fresh breeze - After quarters exercised at gun
drill - In the afternoon saw a great many flying fish, got
a dolphin line rigged - After quarters exercised at shifting
jib boom, found our new one would not fit - At 6 our
band came up and played some tunes very well, considering
the short time, it had been in practice, and during the interlude
we had songs - Made arrangements with the Commdr about
forming a Whist Party. Chess, Backgammon and Cards
in the evening, and all turned in by ten o'clock.

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