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August 2nd - In the middle watch the breeze fell light, but
again freshened as the sun got higher, and by 8 we had a
fine fresh breeze tho' rather too much to the Eastward -
Saw large shoals or flocks of flying fish. In the evening
squally with heavy showers of rain.

August 3rd Blowing fresh, with a nasty lump of a Sea
running. At 8 shortned sail - 9 Exercised at General Quarter.
In the evening passed a ship standing to the Southward
At 10 made sail and kept away three points.

August 4th At daylight, squared the yards and set starboard
stinsails. At 9 Saw the land of Pernambuco distant about
25 miles; employed cleaning ship throughout. At 11 fired
a gun and hoisted a Pilot Jack. 11.30 Shortned sail and fired
another gun. Noon hove to. At 1 Pilot came on board and took
us close in to the bar, over which we could not go being low
water, so we anchored and furled sails - At 2 Commdr went on
shore to wait on the Consul, the Purser to find out the price of
Provisions: in the afternoon a Brazilian Officer came on board:
got the screw down and prepared for steaming inside tomorrow.
Pilot went ashore for the night. In the evening it blew
hard with showers of rain - At 8 it cleared up when the band
played several times.

Sunday August 5th At Pernambuco. I sent gig for the
Commdr & Pilot came on board weighed, but the tide not
answering we stood out to sea : heard from the Commdr
of our terrible loss at Sebastopol, by which 8000 men were
sacrificed. At 11 up helm and ran in for the Recipe, which is
an anchorage inside of a long natural reef extending to the Sward
nearly as far as Bahia where we moored - English Consul came
on board, remaining about an hour, when Christian and he
went ashore together. Arrived a large French Ship - After dinner

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