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William Strapps’ 1879 diary contains almost daily entries detailing his voyage to Australia from Camberwell England. Sailing on the ship GARONNE, Strapps writes of his time on board living with different people and different nationalities. He also talks of his experiences on the ship from the food he ate, the weather, sleeping arrangements and the activities that he participated in such as the singing and dancing that occurred during the evenings. Strapps also mentions the duties performed by the crewmen as they traveled through the seas and talks of the captain barking orders at the crew while watching them like a hawk. The diary also includes little drawings that Strapps has added of his experiences during his journey to Australia.


William Strapps Diary Part 1

William Strapps Diary Part 1

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William Strapps Diary Part 2

William Strapps Diary Part 2

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