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GOINGS-ON - - - -

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Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Smith of
Marietta were recent supper
giests of Mr. and Mrs. Duck

We offier our deepest sym-
pathy to Mr. Clinton Burroughs
in the death of his wife.

Jimmie Lou Rice has been on
the sick list, but we are glad
to report that she is back at
work now.

Sunday dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Turner Jones were
Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Jones, Sula
Lula, and Roland Jones, and
Mr. Elmer Jones and children,
all of Travelers Rest, and Mrs.
Roy Pitts of Easley and Mr.
and Mrs. H. S. Smith of Green-

We welcome Frank Brown as
a new employee in Weave Room
No. 1.

Mr. and Douglas Barnett and
Billy Barnett of Marietta en-
joyed a visit in the home of
Mrs. Barnett's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. R. O. Bolt, of Westmins-

We are glad to see Paul Cline
back on his job as weaver in
No. 1.

Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Thrift
spent Easter with Mr. Thrift's
father in Concord, N. C.

Miss Mary Chastain was out
sick last week but is back at
work now. Glad to see you back

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Mrs. Lillie Trotter has been
absent from work for the past
two weeks. We hope she will be
back with us soon.

Employees of No. 3 were sor-
ry to see Mr. T. D. Arrowood
leave them, but welcom Mr. T.
E. Waldrop as their new over-

Miss Sarah Lee Foster spent
the week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Batson.

Mrs. G. J. Vickers and Miss
Jorene Vickers visited relatives
in Chesnee, S. C. this past week-

Friends of Lloyd Price are
glad to know that he has re-
turned to his home after hav-
ing been a patient at Coleman's
Hospital for several weeks.

On Tuesday night, April 15,
the local Y. W. A. members,
their invited guests and their
leaders, Mrs. Dot Hawkins and
Miss Ruth Campbell, enjoyed a
weiner roast and skating party
at Cleveland Park.

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Dodson,
Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Parsons,
and Mrs. Hubert McJunkins
were the Sunday guests of Mr.
and Mrs. C. L. Sprouse.

Friends of Mr. Oscar "Flip"
Stroud are glad to know that
he has returned home and is
recuperating from injuries re-
ceived in an automobile acci-
dent some time ago.

[column 1, bottom section]

School Thanked
(Con't. from page 1, col. 3)

through you, the eighty-five
(85) gift boxes that they have
packed for the children in the
war-torn area. These were ship-
ped Friday and I'm sure will
bring lots of joy and happiness
to children who otherwise
would not have these gifts
without your generosity.

Sincerely yours,
Mrs. E. A. Jones
Sec., Junior Red Cross
Card of Thanks

Mrs. Fannie C. Epps and
children wish to thank em-
ployees of Slater Manufactur-
ing Co., Inc. for the beautiful
floral offering sent at the death
of their husband and father,
Mr. Harvey C. Epps, Sr.
Character, like emboidery,
is made stitch by stitch.—Mary
Lyon, quoted in Ladies' Home
There are two kinds of
people in the world: The think-
ers who never do anything, and
the doers who never think. Due
to the efforts of the rare inter-
mediate type, civilization has
Nothing is more pathetic
than the "someday" talk. Some-
day is never. Youth is the time
of possibilities. If you start liv-
ing when you are young you do
not arrive at middle age. You
remain young until you are old.
—Stephen Graham.

[column 2, bottom section]

Club Delegates
(Con't. from page 1, col. 5)

The Slater-Marietta Chapter
is proud to announce that they
received a certificate of Supe-
rior Rating on their J. H. A.
activities for the past year and
a certificate of Superior Rating
on a home project entered by
Harriette Talley, a member of
the local club. They also re-
ceived a certificate of Superior
Rating for camping last sum-
mer at the J. H. A. Camp at
Mountain Rest, S. C.
In 1904, a French scientist
named Benedictus dislodged a
bottle from its shelf in his
laboratory, and it fell to the
floor with a crash. It shattered,
but to the scientist's astonish-
ment it retained its shape. None
of the particles were scattered.
Benedictus remembered he had
been using collodium in solution
in this bottle. By some chance,
the solvent had evaporated,
leaving a skin of cellulose ni-
trate on the walls of the bottle.
A few days later, he read in his
newspaper of an auto accident
in which a young woman had
been seriously cut by flying glass.
The two events connected
themselves in Benedictus' mind,
and laminated safety glass was
the outcome.

[column 3]

Theatre Guide

May 3, 1947
Larraine Day
Robert Mitchum
Briance Aherne
May 5, 1947
Barbara Stanwyck
'Lizabeth Scott
Van Heflin
May 9, 1947
James Warren
Nan Leslie
John Laurenz
Jane Greer
May 10, 1947
Western Players
May 12, 1947
May 16, 1947
Dennis O'Keefe
Adolphe Menjou
Marguerite Chapman
Agreeable people are those
who agree with you. — Richard
Money is the supreme test of
domestic management.—Gama-
liel Bradford.
Happiness is a form of cour-
age.—Holbrook Jackson.

[photo of Jimmie Pierce, spans cols. 3-4, bottom section]
Jimmie Pierce represented the Slater-Marietta School in the
district declamation contest held recently at the Simpsonville
High School, Simpsonville, S. C. and won third place. This young
man is to be congratulated on his forensic activities. He is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Pierce. His father is an employee of this

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Employees can now get cof-
fee from the dope wagon. We
are sure everyone is enjoying
this new service which was add-
ed recently.

First shifters are enjoying
having Leroy Reeves work with

Oscar Stroud, who was out
for some time recuperating
from injuries he received an
automobile accident, has re-
turned to his job on the third

Now is the time to clean up
—and paint up! We have
plenty of outside white paint
for sale. We also carry grass
seed and the necessary tools for
gardening, so why not beauti-
fy your home?

We notice that Ray Dean
seems to be in high spirits since
he is ending the end of his
school career.

We are glad to announce
that the Commisary is prepar-
ed to give you refreshing, cold
soft drinks this summer as Mr.
Suttle has had the refrigera-
tor overhauled recently.

"Battling" Bayne, our third
shift "dope boy," is glad to be
one of the first dope boys at

We have noticed that many
Comissary customers are
wearing glasses, which is an
asset to their appearance as
well as vision. Keep up the
good work, Mr. Reid.

In closing, we would like to
congratulate the Glee Clubs of
Slater-Marietta School on their
fine program at Slater Hall
Sunday night.
Wealth lost, something lost;
honor lost, much lost; courage
lost, all lost.—Goethe.

[column 4]

The youngsters who attend
the library clubs are very en-
thusiastic over the recordings
called "Tuneful Tales" which
were recently purchased for the
library. These recordings are
both educational and entertain-
ing, and can be used advan-
tageously in the children's club
work. The recorded stories
just mentioned consist of the
following, each told with a
musical background: "The
Laughing Jack O' Lantern,"
"The Little Engine That
Could," "The Shoemaker and
the Elves, " "The Three Little
Pigs," "Johnny Cake," "White
Easter Rabbit," and "The Nut-
cracker and King Mouse."
Two of our Story Hour girls,
"Jackie" Clary and Carol Ann
Richardson, recently celebrated
birthdays. We hear that these
birthdays proved to be happy
ones, and we hope that each of
these little girls will enjoy
many more celebrations of this

"Jackie" was seven years old
on April 13. She is the young-
est daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.
W. Clary.

Carol Ann celebrated her
fourth birthday on April 3 by
entertaining a group of her lit-
tle friends. She is the daugh-
ter of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Rich-
We are constantly adding to
our reading shelf called "Best
Sellers You May Have Missed."
The latest additions are: "Wide
Is the Gate," Sinclair; "Arch
of Triumph," Remarque; "Deep
River," Buchmaster; "David
the King," Schmitt; "The
King's General, Du Maurier;
"Peace of Mind," Liebman;
"Last Chapter," Pyle; "Plea-
sant Valley," Bromfield; "The
Life of The Heart," Winwar;
"All Our Lives," Miller; "The
Great Tradition," Keyes; and
"Glamorous Dolly Madison,"

Many of our readers are
taking advantage of these "best
sellers" and are thoroughly en-
joying them. If you are not
reading these books, why not
come to the library today and
select those of your choice? We
believe you will like them.
Glee Club
(Con't. from page 1, col. 1)

ly well given.

But the best number on the
program was "The Holy City"
sung by the Girls' Glee Club.
Many people siad they had
never heard this fine old song
given so well or in such a vivid

We are proud of the pupils
and their accomplishments, and
we are grateful to Miss Farns-
worth for arranging and pre-
senting this program.
Card of Thanks

I wish to thank my frends
in this vicinity for their kind-
ness and sympathy shown at
the death of my husband, Sgt.
J. E. Poole. The beautiful floral
was also appreciated.
Mrs. Isabelle Poole

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