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Hawksy look about it. The fact is we must
see to it that their fable conveys who behind
the {illegible} are refuting us with their {illegible}
so we after all see the {illegible: worst? world?} & then the failure
of the enterprise by the {illegible} as to their
location matter. They are arguing only from
{illegible: hearsay?}, & do not comprehend the matter
in {struckthrough illegible} its large & complex state. They
have not risen to the {illegible: level?} of the idea of the
thing & talk of it as if a village school.

I have just had a letter from Mr. Fogg
about the terms preferred by Tracy the
President of the Mining Co. as to the lands
he is to grant us. They are such as satisfy
Mr. Fogg & are such as satisfy me. You
are on the Committee with us. I therefor
send also a copy of the terms. Will you
please let me hear from you without{underlined} delay{underlined}
whether they are such as you will accept.

{struckthrough illegible} This must be done at once
because Tracy leaves shortly for New York
& now that the Charter is obtained we should

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