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8 Journal of the Proceedings of the

1891 Jany 12 Motion that the Committee continue in the matter was carried.

The Chair appointd the following Standing Committees

Finance Committee A. Barker W.E. Burgess

Designation of Grounds C.N. Evans W.E. Bailey

Judiciary Committee W.E. Bailey A. Barker

Motion to adjourn to January 24th 1891 was carried

Attest H.W. Miller Clerk [?]Drown Depty Approved W.E. Burgess Chi

Jany 24 1891 January 24th AD 1891. The Board of Park Com's met in Dave Jones office - no business transacted Officially adjourned to meet 2/24/91. Carried

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July 10 1891

Section 10 The roll shall be called at the opening of each meeting and a record made of Commissioners present or absent. The minutes of previous meeting's shall then be read for approval and errors noted after which the regular order of business shall be taken up, provided that the reading of the minutes may be laid over to a subsequent time.

Section 11 The order of business after roll call and reading of minutes shall be as follows unless otherwise ordered by the Board.

1st Petitions & Communications 2nd Presentations of Claims 3rd Reports of Officers 4th " of Standing Committees 5th " of Special " 6th of unfinished Business 7th New Business Motion [ ] 8th Adjournment

Section 12 All reports shall be in writing; as shall also Motions and Resolutions when it is desired that more that the substance thereof be entered on the Minutes. Reports shall be presented by the Secretary in order of their reception by him unless the Board shall otherwise direct and the same rule shall apply [to written?] Resolutions and Motions which shall have priority over other New Business

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Park Commissioners of the City of Seattle.

July 10 1891 Section 13 The President shall perform the duties devolving upon him by law and shall preserve order and decorum and enforce the rules and regulations of the Board. He may present to the Board such matters as in his judgment require attention and need not vacate his chair for that purpose unless proposing to discuss the same. He shall direct the yeas & nays to be taken and entered on the record on any question before the Board at the request of any Commissioner. Where the Board has no established rule of parliamentary practice the President shall be guided as near as may be by Roberts Rules of Order. The President shall exercise a general supervision over the business papers and property of the Board.

Section 14 The Vice President shall act in the absence of the President at any meeting and when the President is absent from the City all the duties of his office or as a member of any Committee of which he may be a member shall temporarily devolve upon the Vice President.

Section 15 The Secretary shall perform the duties required by law and all duties properly devolving upon such officer: He shall have charge of and attend the office of the Board when the Board shall not be in session as the Board may from time to time direct. He shall attend all meetings of the Board.

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Park Commissioners of the City of Seattle.

January 7th 1892 Be it Remembered that on this the 7th day of January AD 1892 the Board of Park Commissioners of the City of Seattle met at their regular monthly meeting in their Rooms in the Bailey Building Con 2[nd?] & Cherry St. At roll call the following — members were present: Towit: W.E. Bailey W.E. Burgess A. Barker

Danl Jones & C. N. Evans being absent On motion W.E. Burgess was Elected Temporary Chairman Whereupon the following proceedings [on hand?] the reading of the Minutes at the previous Meeting were on motion dispensed with

The Report of the Supt of works done on the Denny & Kinnear Parks during month of December 1891 was read & ordered filed.

The Pay Rase & Prices for the month of Dec 1891 was approved

Communication from [J & Ryckman?] regarding the Improvement of Denny Park & the Grading of John Street was read and the Supt of Parks instructed to interview property owners on John St regarding same & Report at the next meeting.

The Supt was Instructed to acertain from the City Engineers what small Angles or Squares at the Intersection of streeta are available and eligible for small Public Squares and Report at the next meeting

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Journal of the Proceedings of the

Jany 7th 1892

A motion to adjourn was carried

Cttee [Hu?] Miller City Clk [By?] Brown Dep.

Approved W.E. Burgess Cha pro tem

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Park Commissioners of the City of Seattle.


Jany 2

Be it remembered

That on this, the 2nd day of January – 1893 – the Board of Park Commissioners of the City of Seattle met in regular session in their chambers in Bailey Block. President W. E. Burgess in Chair.

At Roll Call the following members were present:

W. E. Burgess B. E. Bennett, C. N. Evans 3

Absent – W. E. Bailey.

Whereupon the following proceedings were had.

Reading of minutes of previous meeting dispensed with.

Report of Superintendent for December read and on motion received and ordered placed on file.

Pay Roll for month of December, in sum of 737.74 and Supply Bills for same month 291.80, were on motion approved.

Commissioner Bennett reported resolution, as follows:

Where as – W. E. Burgess’ as a member of the Board has expired,

Resolved, that we extend our thanks to him for the invaluable services he has rendered as Chairman of the Board for the past year, and now express our sincere regret at the loss of of a painstaking, valuable and

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202 Columbia City Wash., Feby 20th 1899

The Town Council of the Town of Columbia met at the Town Hall at 8 P.M. in adjourned session.

Present: Mayor Reeves, Councilmen Hepler, Hellenthal Campbell and Womach. Absent Pierson. Minutes of previous meeting read and with corrections approved.

Mr. C. S. Chase Town Clerk being absent on account of sickness. J. A. Campbell was chosen clerk pro tem.

A committee from the [Local?] Improvement Club consisting of Messrs Gardner, Hastings and Watson appeared before the Council calling attention to the object and aim of said Club in the matter of beautifying the Town and informing the Council that it was their intention at next regular meeting to present a petition signed by a great many tax payers, asking that the Council render assistance in the matter of setting out shade trees in front of each lot on graded streets.

Special Committee on moving Town Hall report & progress.

Informal report by City Attorney - elect ^Ralph D. Nichols^, as to the condition of affairs in the office of City Atty. McCurley. Report of Chairman of Finance Committee stating that City Atty McCurley could not be found, was supposed to have left the Town and did not turn over his ^The^ books, papers, tax roll &c. &c. property belonging to said office. The matter is under investigation and work proceeding as rapidly as possible.

It was reported that Town Clerk - Elect, J. A. Kelso refused to qualify, and on motion it was carried that Mr. J. L. Dudley be chosen Town Clerk for remainder of 1899.

Ordinance Repealing Ordinance No 45 was presented and on motion was duly passed, and ordered posted.

Motion was carried authorizing the issuance of a warrant in payment of bonds of the Town Officers in the sum of Twelve & 50/100 Dollars ($12 50).

Moved and carried that a special com.

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205 Columbia Wash April 3. 1899.

The Town Council of the town of Columbia met in regular session at 8 P.M. Present Mayor Reeves: Councilmen Pierson Hepler Hellenthal and Womack; absent Campbell.

Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.

Water committee made verbal report regarding reservoir and water supply. On motion carried water committee was authorized to increase supply of water by increasing depth of reservoir two feet. On motion carried water committee authorized to lay water pipes to houses of Nichols [Burbank??]

Further time granted street committee to repair Columbus St Bridge.

Upon motion made and carried street committee was authorized to procure survey and profile plat of Ferdinand and Letitia Streets in case them deemed advisable.

On report of Health Committee it was moved and carried that street committee be authorized to abate nuisances from Ferdinand ^Street^ to Angeline Street at a cost not to exceed one hundred and twenty five dollars by ditching and sewering.

On motion Street Committee was authorized and directed to fill Alley back of Kelso lots.

Upon motion Mr. J. H Osgood Manager of Seattle and Racine Beach Railway C was allowed further time, towit, until next regular meeting after this Council in which to accept franchise for street-railway.

The following bills were read and approved and on motion the Council ordered that warrants be drawn on Current Expense Fund, for same said bills were - Racine Ave. Electric Ry Co. for hauling lumber - 2.50 Alexander H Hepler for cancelling [illegible] / 75 — — Whittington for work on streets 2/00

On Motion carried warrants were ordered drawn for payment of salaries for quarter ending March 31, as follows - Marshall - $19 50 - City Attorney for March only $10 00 Clerk for March only 5/00

Committee on moving hall reported that Alonzo Hall had made the following offers of property at the following prices for new town hall site, visibly Lots A. B. C. D. - in Block 7 - $150.00 / Lots 217 and 218 in Block 8 - $150.00 / Lots H & J in Block 16 - $170.00 / Lots G & H in Block 9 - $180.00 / Lots C & D in Block 15 $150.00 / Lots F & H in Block 15 - $170.00 / On motion Hall Committee were discharged, at their own request.

The Marshall was authorized to charge fifty cents for the use of the Town hall by dance parties as janitor fee.

On motion Council adjourned.

J. L. Dudley

Approved 5/1/99 C. F. Reeves, Mayor.

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Continued - A D Crawford was by unanimous vote elected police judge of town of Columbia-

The treasurer was by resolution instructed not to deposit funds of Town of Columbia in any bank, except at his own risk and the risk of his bondsmen—

On motion meeting adjourned

J L Dudley Clerk

Addenda to [illegible] [illegible] Bills for the following [Lessees?] were presented and allowed and warrants ordered drawn— In favor of R D Nichols for legal services during February 10.00 " " " Hepler & Burgess for 365 ft. of sewering $85. " " " D B Burbank " putting water to Burbank house 4,55 " " " Robert Burgess " " " R D Nichols " 3.80 " " " Frank Womack " " " Womack " 3,85

J L Dudley Clerk

V. R. Peirson Mayor Pro tem

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May 9"-1899

The Town Council of the town of Columbia having met this 9" day of May '99 at 8 oclock P.M. pursuant to special call by the Mayor of said town and the Notice hereof given by the town Clerk of said town, the following matters—

Meeting called to order by Mayor Reeves — Present Councilmen Peirson, [illegible], + [illegible]

Upon [crossed out: the] report of Committee, consisting of Messrs Pierson, [illegible], + [illegible], appointed to draft an ordinance regulating nuisances, such ordinance was presented and on motion the same was adopted, signed, by the Mayor and ordered passed

On motion Council adjourned.

J L Dudley Clerk

June 5-1899

The Council of town of Columbia met at 8 P.M. Present mayor Reeves, Present [Illegible] A quorum not being present the meeting adjourned to June 10 8.P.M.

JL Dudley Clerk

V.R. Peirson Mayor P.T.

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