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Road Fund
R H Campbell Street Labor $77.00 use of Horse 9.00 Prisoners Board 6.52 $92.52
James Campbell Street Labor 24.00
Luther Albee do 22.00
Thomas Rock do 22.00
M Keough do 1.00
Stetson & Post Lumber 7.81
John L Kahaley Haul Lumber & hws 3.25
Chas McDonald Sharpening Tools 3.00
Wald & Campbell axe & Shovel 3.40
J W Hunt repairs to cart 2.50
D A Jennings shovel & Broom 2.00
Harrington & Smith axes 4.00
Gas Fund
Seattle Gas & Light Co gas $169.65 attend lights $30.00 $199.65
Waddell & Miles work on gas fixtures 151.30
Fire Fund
W A Perry engine steward $75.00
T A Hinckly ground rent 8.00
Waddell & Miles Pipe & Work for Dept 32.37
Waddell & Miles grate for stove .75
Chas McDonald boom Chains & iron 3.25
S P Andrews Pipe & labor 2.60
F W Wusthoff tacks and stove polish .65
McDaniel Bros hitching to Engine at fire 5.00
D A Jennings matches broom & oil 2.50
The claim of Wald & Campbell is laid over until next
And now this being the time & Place appointed to
hear complaints touching the assessment made in pur-
suance of Ordinance No 255 it is ordered that the exam-
ination of said assessment roll be laid over until
the first regular meeting in September 1882
And now on this the 3rd day of March 1882 in pur-
suance of the Notice duly published as required by ordinance
No 254 the Council proceeds to hear all complaints against

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