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Nov 23 1888
Headquarters at foot of Commercial street read
and on motion tabled.
Claim of Geo A Kellogg for fees as referee in
case of City of Seattle vs Jos McNaught read and
referred to the Finance Commitee
Resignation of O.D. Butterfield as police officer
read and accepted and
On motion it is ordered that O.D. Butterfield be
and his hereby appointed a special police officer
at a salary of $90.00 for month to act as License
Collector under the orders of the of the City Clerk and
License & Revenue Commitee.
Petition of C H Hanford for appointment of Jos F.
an appraiser for Condemmation of
property along the line of South Eleventh Street
in place of H H Lewis who is absent from the
City, read and referred to the Judiciary Commitee.
Petition of Geo Kinnear and others for change of Fire
limits read and referred to Committee on Fire and Water
Petition of M Keeton for permission to occupy
alley in Block 14 of Maynard's Plat read &
on motion refected.
Petition of Fred Kelly & others for crossing on
Depot Street at Box Street read &
referred to Street Commitee.
Petition of H Jones and others in the matter
of the Fifth Street grade, read and referred to
the Street Commitee.

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