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Park Commissioners of the City of Seattle.

July 10 1891
Section 13
The President shall perform the duties
devolving upon him by law and shall preserve
order and decorum and enforce the rules and
regulations of the Board. He may present to the
Board such matters as in his judgment require
attention and need not vacate his chair for
that purpose unless proposing to discuss
the same. He shall direct the yeas & nays to
be taken and entered on the record on any question
before the Board at the request of any Commis-
sioner. Where the Board has no established
rule of parliamentary practice the President
shall be guided as near as may be by Roberts
Rules of Order. The President shall exercise
a general supervision over the business papers and
property of the Board.

Section 14
The Vice President shall act in the absence
of the President at any meeting and when the
President is absent from the City all the
duties of his office or as a member of any
Committee of which he may be a member shall
temporarily devolve upon the Vice President.

Section 15
The Secretary shall perform the duties re-
quired by law and all duties properly devolving upon
such officer: He shall have charge of
and attend the office of the Board when the
Board shall not be in session as the Board
may from time to time direct. He shall attend
all meetings of the Board.

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